State Board On Geographic Names Looking To Public For Suggestions On Naming Hughes County Creek

(KCCR) — The South Dakota Board on Geographic Names is looking for public input regarding adding a name to a creek in Hughes County. The currently unnamed creek is located north of State Highway 34 between 297th and 299th Avenues. Right now officials have only one proposed name for the creek and that’s Crone Creek. The South Dakota Board on Geographic Names follows guidance laid out by the United States Board on Geographic Names. The national guidelines call gives preference to names that are descriptive of topographic forms, ties to local history, folklore, an incident or by associated natural life or phenomena. That could include American Indian or appropriate ethic names. Personal names can be suggested, but they must be of public interest to honor that person or family for historic reasons and the person must have been dead for at least five years. The South Dakota Board on Geographic Names will take suggestions and comments on the name proposals no later than September 15th.