State Chamber Looking To Keep Lawmakers From Telling Businesses How They Deal With Allowing Guns On Their Property

Several gun laws are expected to surface in the next South Dakota Legislative session. While the state chamber isn’t too concerned about constitutional carry, they do care if laws are passed prohibiting businesses from deciding for themselves as to allow guns on their property and buildings or not…

“If the law starts saying you can’t have those policies that’s where we stand up and start talking about property rights. We’ve been through this before in other sessions. We have manufactures that are told by a customer known as Uncle Sam, that they expect them to be gun-free and have policies. I am told by a number of the CEO’s of those businesses that they have those policies and that they break em, every September and October at least when it comes to guns in the vehicles.”

State Chamber President Dave Owen says they don’t want the state saying businesses can’t have their own gun policies. Owen’s remarks are part of a comprehensive legislative overview that he’s sharing with chamber members across the state.