State Corn Growers Association Working With Other Ag Groups To Push USMCA Passage

(WNAX) — One of the holdups to Congressional democrats agreeing on ratification of the USMCA trade agreement is labor concerns with Mexico. Mexico’s President pledged to make sure their Senate overhauls labor laws to enforce workforce standards. South Dakota Corn Grower’s Association President Doug Noem is hoping that’s the opening that’s needed to get the trade update ratified.

“We’ve talked about this several times, you know, through the Corn Growers and National Corn how much…that trade is so important to…you know the; our exports and the demand, that were…it seems like its kind of slowly whittling away, that we can’t afford to lose anymore demand and Mexico being our number one customer for corn and any opening we get to keep this USMCA in place would be great.”
He says they’re continuing to work with ag groups and South Dakota’s Congressional delegation to push forward the trade pact.

“We talked to our Congressional delegation we…we have a seat on US Grains Council, we have representation there and their right in the middle of that, of those discussions too, so we’re doing the best we can to push forward with all that.”
Noem hopes Congress doesn’t drag its feet on ratification.

“The sooner the better, you know, everybody needs this know this agriculture economy needs labor, we need the exports, its just a win-win for us anyway you look at it.”
Vice President Mike Pence remains hopeful the U.S. Congress will get the USMCA ratified sometime this spring.