State Fishery Officials Collect 900,000 Salmon Eggs From Lake Oahe For Future Stocking

(KCCR) — South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks officials have collected 900-thousand salmon eggs as annual salmon spawning operations have wrapped up on Lake Oahe. Fisheries biologist Bob Hanton says 477 Chinook salmon ventured back to the Whitlock Spawning Station this year. Hanton says while a larger number of eggs were collected, the number of fish was down. South Dakota officials are working with North Dakota’s Department of Game and Fish to get roughly 400-thousand salmon eggs next year. Right now, South Dakota hatcheries have around one-point-three million Chinook eggs. Those should be enough to stock around 400-thousand juvenile salmon in Oahe next year. The salmon need about seven months in state hatcheries before they are mature enough to be restocked in Oahe. The spawning efforts are needed to keep the salmon in the lake because Chinook Salmon do not naturally reproduce in Lake Oahe.