Storm Weather System Could Bring Snow To Central South Dakota This Week

(KWAT) — It looks like central and eastern South Dakota will see its first taste of wintry weather later this week.  A Winter Storm Watch is now posted for most areas west of the Missouri River…

“Conditions will take a down hill turn by the middle of the week fairly quickly from west to east.” 

National Weather Service forecaster Ryan Vipond says in this case, deteriorating conditions means snow will be moving in….

“So we’ll transition kind of basically from, you know, I guess fall or summer-like to winter-like conditions Wednesday through Thursday across the area.  We are anticipating accumulating snowfall to happen in some portions of the area, if not all of most of the central and northeast South Dakota by the end of the work week and it looks like things will become a little more on the treacherous side in terms of travel conditions especially as we move later on Thursday and through the day Friday.”

It looks like a couple of inches of snow could fall….

“Through about Wednesday as it looks like at this point, there could be, you know,  maybe  a couple of inches across the Missouri River Valley and points west.  Beyond that it gets to be pretty uncertain as far as as where the storm is gonna go after about Wednesday.  The models are not in agreement at this point.  Things will become more clear as we get closer to that obviously but at this point it’s still to early to say you know, how much snowfall is expected and where…where is it going to fall.”

Vipond says as is the case with most early October snow events, it’s likely to melt off within a day or two.