Study Committee On Industrial Hemp To Wait On Any Bill Drafts

(WNAX) — The Industrial Hemp Study Committee of the South Dakota legislature met Monday in Pierre. Committee members heard from hemp experts from North Dakota and Minnesota as they attempt to write a bill that could pass the 2020 legislature. As the committee wrapped up, Representative Tim Goodwin of Rapid City asked Committee Chairman Lee Qualm of Platte about concerns raised by Governor Kristi Noem…

“Our Governor asked…has 315 questions out there and I think they should be answered.  Some of them are redundant, but some have validity and who’s…are you planning on doing those Chairman Qulam or who’s going to answer those questions?”  “I’m not going to answer them, no”….”So can we”….” I have no intention of it.” “Can we request that her cabinet do it?”  ” Um, I, I think as we go along, I think they will…they will get answered for us as we continue going through this process.”

Qualm says the USDA rules could help answer many questions….

“I ..I don’t, I don’t really know. I,  I can’t honestly answer that.  I think once we get what USDA’s coming up with; you know there was a lot  of those that I felt  will be answered when they come out with their rules and, and we’ll  go from there.”

Qualm says he wants to wait on writing details of any bill…

“You know, we may have to do a conference call.  That’s where I’m thinking we do a conference call before we get together, but I’m gonna wait until USDA comes out with some stuff because we really need to have that stuff before we can really make any firm commitments as to what we want to do.  Just make it simple; yeah we could put a spot in the bill where…da…da…da all this stuff would come out but I think in the long run we would be better off if we just waited for that one.”

Noem vetoed a hemp bill that passed the legislature earlier this year and threatened to do it again if a similar bill passes next year.