Tariff Impacts Moving Beyond Agriculture In South Dakota

(WNAX) — South Dakota ag producers are not alone in feeling the pain from increased tariffs on Chinese products as the trade war intensifies.
Senator Mike Rounds says he is hearing from many manufacturing businesses in the state….

“That’s stuff going on right now…it’s aluminum and it steel, primarily.  And it has to do with guys that are bringing the stuff in, or are marketing.  They don’t want to have anything that they are sending overseas; have these big..the, you know, get the the retribution on, get the retaliatory stuff on; but for the materials and the parts they bring in from overseas; they bring in just a little bit of it even, they end up with a tariff on their product.”
Rounds says it is hitting the bottom line for many of those businesses…

“They understand how serious that is and they are very nervous about this thing and we’ve done our best to try and share it with the Administration about these particular manufacturers that find themselves in that position through no fault of their own.”
Rounds says they hope talks between the US and China resume soon…..

“We are watching very carefully and we are being very hopeful that this trade negotiation moves forward in a very timely fashion and that we get some kind of a consensus put together about getting the enforcement side of this thing behind us and that us…we don’t know if that’s going to happen but we’re hoping it does as quickly as possible.”
Trade talks in Washington ended last week with no agreement. Talks are set to resume in China at some point, possibly next month.