Thune Says Border Issues In Need Of Immediate Attention

(WNAX) — A resolution blocking President Trumps emergency declaration for funding the Mexican border wall in now in front of the Senate. It was defeated earlier this week in the House. South Dakota Senator John Thune says he is undecided right now…

“I’ve expressed in the past concerns about the kind of precedence that it sets. I still feel, you know, I still have that concern. I do think that you know, obviously Congress gave to the Executive back in that National Emergency Act law in 1976 the authority to do this, so I think he has the legal authority to it, it’s not a question of if he can do it, it’s a question if he should do it.”
The President has called the border situation an emergency. Thune says there are issues that do need immediate action…

“You know, we do have a crisis at the border and I think it’s clear that we need to take steps to do something about that. We gave the President some funding and authority through Congress. He believes that there is more that he needs to do and so we’re trying to evaluate whether or not there is a rational, a justification for doing that.”
Thune says most of the problems are connected to the lack of a coherent immigration policy….

“You know, as the illegal immigration issue, obviously, which we’ve been dealing with for a long time, that’s nothing new, but I think the spike that we are seeing in activity, the unlawful activity at the border is something that is an emergency and I think there is a humanitarian crisis with people who are coming up now and families in record levels coming across the border.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the vote will be held in the next three weeks.