Weather Related Announcements For February 18th

Here are the latest weather related announcement in to us at Riverfront Broadcasting:


  • Kimball:  2 hours late



  • The City of Pierre has lifted the Emergency Snow Alert that was issued yesterday. Parking can resume on Emergency Snow Routes. Thank you for helping city crews with snow plow operations.



  • N-A



  • No Warnings,  Watches or Advisories in effect for the Riverfront Broadcasting listening area.


  • US-83:  Potter/Walworth line to I-90/Vivian Snow/Ice/Slippery.  I-90/Vivian to Murdo and South, Scattered Ice and Slippery
  • US-14: Miller to Hyde County line, Scattered Ice and Slippery.  Hyde County line to Midland, Snow/Ice/Slippery.  Midland to Phillip: Scattered Ice and Slippery.
  • SD-34:  Gann Valley to US-14 South, Snow/Ice/Slippery.  US-14 South to SD-73 South, Snow/Ice/Slippery with limited visibility.  SD-73 South to SD-73 North, Scattered Ice and Slippery with limited visibility.
  • SD-1806:  Snow/Ice/Slippery.
  • SD-1804: 12 miles south of US-212 to SD-273: Snow/Ice/Slippery.
  • SD-273: Snow/Ice/Slippery.
  • SD-63: Foster Bay to I-90: Snow/Ice/Slippery.
  • SD-73:  SD-34 West to SD-34 East, Snow/Ice/Slippery with limited visibility.  SD-34- to Phillip, Snow/Ice/Slippery.
  • SD-53: Snow/Ice/Slippery..
  • SD-183: Snow/Ice/Slippery..
  • SD-50:  SD-34 to Chamberlain, Snow/Ice/Slippery.
  • SD-47: Faulk County line to SD-49; Snow/Ice/Slippery..
  • SD-45:  Faulk County line to Gann Valley  Scattered Ice and Slippery.  Gann Valley to Kimball, Snow/Ice/Slippery.
  • I-90:  Kimball to Vivian/US-83 North: Snow/Ice/Slippery.  Vivian/US-83 North to SD-63. Scattered Ice and Slippery.  SD-63 to Kadoka, Snow/Slush.