Weather Related Announcements For November 11th

Here are the latest weather related announcement in to us at Riverfront Broadcasting:


  • Pierre: On-time
  • St. Joseph’s Catholic Pierre: On-time
  • Agar-Blunt-Onida:  1 Hour Late
  • Chamberlain:  On-time
  • Cheyenne-Eagle Butte:  On-time
  • Cheyenne River College Center:  On-time
  • Crow Creek Head Start And Early Head Start:  On-time
  • Crow Creek Tribal:  On-time
  • Crow Creek Sioux Tribe: On-time
  • Gettysburg: On-time
  • Haakon County:  On-time
  • Highmore-Harrold:  On-time
  • Jones County:  On-time
  • Kadoka:  2 Hours Late
  • Kimball:  On-time
  • Lower Brule: On-time
  • Lower Brule Community College: On-time
  • Lyman:  1 Hour Late
  • Mellette County:  On-time
  • Miller: On-time
  • Stanley County: On-time
  • Tiospaye Topa:  On-time
  • White River:  2 Hours Late





Roads:  AS OF 7:15 AM (11-06-19) (NOT CURRENT)

  • US-83:  Potter County, to I-90/Vivian, Snow/Ice/Slippery.  I-90/Vivian, to the White River, Scattered Wet.
  • US-14: Miller to Midland, Snow/Ice/Slippery.  Midland to Phillip, Scattered Ice/Slippery.
  • SD-34:  Gann Valley to SD-73 South, Snow/Ice/Slippery.  SD-73 South  to SD-73 North, Scattered Ice and Slippery.
  • SD-1806: Mission Ridge to SD-273: Snow/Ice/Slippery.
  • SD-1804: 12 miles south of US-212 to Pierre: Snow/Ice/Slippery.
  • SD-273: Scattered Ice and Slippery.
  • SD-63: Foster Bay to Midland, Snow/Ice/Slippery.  Midland to I-90, Scattered Ice and Slippery.  South of I-90, Scattered Wet.
  • SD-73:  SD-34 West to I-90, Scattered Ice and Slippery.
  • SD-53: Scattered Ice and Slippery.
  • US-183: Scattered Ice and Slippery.
  • SD-50: Snow/Ice/Slippery.
  • SD-47: Faulk County line to Fort Thompson, Snow/Ice/Slippery.  Fort Thompson to SD-44, Scattered Ice and Slippery.
  • SD-45:  Faulk County line to Kimball, Snow/Ice/Slippery
  • SD-26: SD-47 US-281, Snow/Ice/Slippery
  • I-90:  Kimball to US-83/Vivian, Scattered Ice and Slippery.  US-83/Vivian to Kadoka, Scattered Wet.