Wind And Snowfall Reports For December 4, 2017

PIERRE, S.D. ( — Strong winds and snow fell across Central South Dakota on Monday.  Here are some of the strong winds and snowfall reports from the National Weather Service Office in Aberdeen and Rapid City.

Wind Reports
1 NE of Midland – 66MPH at 12:13PM
1 NE Midland – 60MPH at 11:40AM
12 north of Vivian – 59MPH at 1:59PM
1 NE of Mildand – 59MPH at 9:29AM
12 E of Hayes – 59 MPH at 12:30PM
9 NE of Bevidere – 58MPH at 11:30AM
Pierre Airport – 58MPH at 2:48PM
17 W of Polo – 58 – MPH at 2:34PM
3 SE of Reliance – 58MPH at 2:34PM
5 E of Danforth – 56MPH at 3:41PM
3 N of Agar – 56MPH at 1:23PM
4 NW of Victor – 56MPH at 8:44PM
9 NW of Vivian – 55 MPH at 1:33PM
10 SW of Chantler Creek – 53MPH at 10:40AM
1 W of Onida – 52MPH at 12:15PM
Pierre – 51MPH – 11:22AM
1 E of Harrold – 49MPH at 1:54PM

Snowfall Reports
Co-op observer reported 1 inch of snow in Pierre as of 6:30AM on 12-5-17
Emergency Manager reports SNOW of 2 inches in Miller at 8:47PM on 12-4-17
Co-Op Observer in Kennebec reports SNOW of 2 inches at 6:00PM on 12-4-17

Listener Submitted Photos
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Winter weather conditions in Pierre. Thanks to Katie Dwyer for the photo.
Winter winter conditions in Mobridge. Thanks to Gene Cox for the photo.